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Every business owner recognises the benefits of outsourcing. You simply cannot perform the quality and quantity of work that is required with just your in-house team  regardless of how big your company is.

Even Amazon outsources some tasks!

What is the best option for your company?

When you opt for onshore development, communication is much easier and there is better accessibility.

When the offshore option is chosen, it is much easier to reduce costs, since you can choose a company that is in a country where software development is cheaper but it must be taken into account that the process may be slower, there may be problems of understanding due to language and cultural barriers and the time difference between countries may make communication difficult.

The nearshore, for its part, may be the best option if you are looking for an intermediate between onshore and offshore, since it combines the best of both.

About us

High Impact Professionals

High Impact Professionals was born from the companies need to have highly qualified professional teams to meet the demands of their clients. Many times, before a peak of work or a special job, startups and companies need to have an increase of their team or hire new specialized professionals. At this stage, is when we enter into action.

At High Impact Professionals, we take pride in providing tailored solutions to companies, startups and consultancies agencies (software factory, marketing, law, etc.). Furthermore, we help companies to address either specific projects or specialized roles through the provision of work teams with high-impact from nearshoring locations.